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I feel Wild when i do this. even the name is cool!

I love this and recommend it to any guy, you'd be amazed at how horny you get when you've been doing it for 10-15 minutes

can someone invent some new techiniques i jagg abou twenty times a day all week and i am running ut of stuff to try my penis is now 13.5 innches no surgery no nothing i just jagg all the time and i am only 16 years old

This was absoulutely awsome! I had an incredibly intesne orgasm, and it totally felt like i had someone else holding my scortum.. Best orgasm i've had. Thankss

If you have a big penis like myself this is great, you need to make large movements with one hand and if you hand your ball and kinda push them down and rub you get an intense orgasm! Its worth a go!

if you combine this tech. with "the tub straddle" the amount of pleasure you receive will drastically increased. I tried it out and a I ejaculated for at leastÊ3 minutes. There was a puddle of seamen of the floor after ward. Really TRY THIS!!!