Trigger Fingering: Comments

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I find this technique fantastic but have to use a 'backhand grip' for the 'trigger fingering' otherwise my habd begins to ache.

Several commenters loved the intensity of this technique, but felt it brought them to orgasm too quickly to savor the pleasure. Try this variation: As suggested, grip the base of the penis with the left (or non-dominant) hand and pull the loose skin of the shaft down toward the base. Rest the thumb of the right hand on the top side of your penis at the point where head and shaft meet, but do not move this thumb around at all. Put either one or two right-hand "trigger fingers" near the super-sensitive vertical ridge just below the head the underside of your hard penis. Do not stimulate that ridge, however. Instead move the fingertip just to the side and slightly down -- to the big blood vessel protruding near the top the shaft. With a very light touch and very slight circular motion, move the loose skin around to lightly massage the blood vessel. Keep the touch as light as possible and the motion as limited as possible to prolong the pleasuring process. For a long time (as with the Skin Flick) you will feel virtually nothing. Be patient. Keep going. When you feel the build-up coming, it will be intense. Your entire orgasm will be explosively concentrated in that pinpoint spot. Very cool.

This is an unbelievable technique. It allows stimultion for all the most sensetive parts of the penis while they are fully exposed. The foreskin is pulled back tight against the shaft, exposing both the head and the sensetive area below it [the part which is pleasured in the Spring Cleaning technique] and the very senstive part of the back of the head is also given attention as well. AsJackinworld says, pulling the head upwards, keeping the outer skin tight against the shaft and 'triggering' the sensetive part of the head does cause steady throbs of pleasure if you stroke at the right speed with the right grip. I personally found that performing this technique naked while standing up, alternating between stimulation of the head, then the testes, then the perinium made the impulsesof pleasurealong the shaft very strong. They were so intense that my entire body was shuddering with pleasure. Ache

Great technique, I think i had my first ejaculation with it