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Great technique, been doing it for years. I put two old pillows on the matress and sandwich my baggie between them. Just make sure you press down with one or two hands when you are humping. The orgasm will paralyze you for a moment, it is intense, locks my body up.

i just did this it was AWESOME, best ever.

I tried this today and my dick started bleeding. There was blood all over my mattress and I dont know what to tell my mom. Thanks assholes

I haven't tried but maybe if u find a good way to heat it up it would feel amzing!

try wanking in the bath hurts a little the first time but after that its truly amazing feels as if the cum is being sucked out of you!!! truly amazing please comment back on this :) J ... 15

this is just like geting pussy or head. hands down the best way to jack off. i love it so much

umm...i really want to try this method...but the way my beds set up i don't have a box spring...what should i do?

I've tried this a few times, it worked best for me if I used the corner of the mattress, squatted down and rested my elbows on top to make it tighter. You kind of need to work at it, basically you are shagging an artificial pussy rather than wanking, so there is some physical effort. The stimulation didn't feel as hot as an ordinary wank but the orgasms have been pretty amazing. It's no subsitute for real sex but the orgasms felt closer to a pussy-orgasm rather than a wank-orgasm. Close enough for me to force my dick in very deeply and hold it in there at maximum stretch while I came, which is how I need to come when I'm shagging but totally different to if I'm wanking with my hand when I just rub really fast until I've finished cumming.
It feels a bit embarrasing though. If one of my mates caught me wanking normally I'd just laugh but it would be kind of hard to explain why you were fucking your mattress if you were caught doing this!
Cheers for a great technique.

Didn't work, might be because I'm uncut, but I didn't feel anything at all. Pumped for a good 15 mins, and nothing. I actually got soft.

That was the best orgasm in the whole history of my life and maybe for the rest of it.

March 14th 2010
Age 13

just did this it was by far the best orgasm ive ever seriously took me about 30 minutes to recover...WOW cant wait to do that again

OMG tried this with ky and a little spit on my junk then in the bag and it was AWESOME 17yro

I just tried this and it was an incredible orgasm, I went weak in the knees! After I was done with the baggy, I shoved it up my ass! Incredible! Ooooh!!

hmm was good used 2 much vasaline i think thou

I tried the pocket pussy above and it was amazing. Better than the baggie and the mattress. I made it nice and tight, lubed the glove up, lubed up my junk, and pumped away. I also put on some POV porn and it was one of the best orgasms I've had. Tried it without the porn and it was just as good. Awesome technique! I would recommend it to anyone who's bored of their hand. 19

best masturbation ever! i came more than i have with just my hand! although i changed the intsructions a little and i just put a thin layer of vasoline on my penis and a little in the bag and it still worked great and came off easy in the shower. i highly reccomend it!

try to get a girl to do it for you. it feals way better!

AWESOME!!! I tried this and at first I didn't think it was anything special. I kept going at it and once my orgasm started to build up, I started pumping faster and faster and my orgasm felt so good I thought i would pass out. The feeling of pumping in and out of the bag while you ejaculate is the best feeling ever. Might do this again tonight with some POV porn!

16, NY State

i tried this and its pretty awesome, the only problem is i ended up making a hole in the bag so i accidently came on the couch and had to clean it up

I did this with my best friend and it was amazing. If you can, try to find an alternetive to vasaleen. Althougt it works great it's a pain to get off your penis. It took us a while so we just left it. Other than that 5 stars !!!!
- Jonathan 15

I just found the vibrating sander on the tool bench. Intense! Glad I remembered to take the sandpaper off first ....

I know this is great. 2 suggestions use a doctor's latex glove it much softer. This also works well with softer pillows like doggie style the couch or a big old fluffy chair.

i didnt know what was happing ha it didnt feel good but i kept going with it and moved around a little and then all of a sudden BANG haha when i busted i i saw dots! haha pretty great . . . . . .

Great! I used lotion, IT FEELS AMAZING!! Never saw that much cum! IT'S GREAT! 14 years old!

whatever you do make sure u use lube b/c i did it w/o and it ripped a piece of skin off-my penis head. But other than that its amazing. Im 15 and have never felt anything like this before

I just did this it felt
sooo Amazing ,but the bag with the zip bag was rubbing my throbbing head and soo i stoped and just Came all over my flOOR! tottaly amazing

-16 yrs old Houston!

I tried this for the first time cause i got bored of my hand. This gave me the most amazing oragaism ever i cant even touch my dick right now. Dont use vaseline its horrible for ur skin.

I use this method all the time, it works f'n great
ive never busted so much in my life, it feels amazing

That was great!! ive never cumed so much in my life and ive been wanking for the last 6 years!! my one problem is you cant thrust as much as you'l come out from under the matress. id need a 12" dick to be able to pump as much as i want!!!
O 16

I sure have tried this method plenty of times, and it's alright. not the best sensation in the world. I was in the army about 2 years ago, and over there while in the field they teach you how to make your own POCKET PUSSY!! how great does that sound. Anyways it's actually very simple to make one. All you literally need is a rubber latex glove (i prefer condoms...too bad we didnt have any while in the field), a full body towel, a rubber band, and some good lube. Start off by folding the full body towel in half (hot-dog style) then on the smooth edge place the rubber glove on the towel with the opening for the hand hanging a little out. Then roll the towel over the glove and keep rolling it up untill you have a cylinder with the glove in the center hanging out. You're going to want to take the end of the glove and stretch the opening over the cylinder and take the rubber band and tighten the glove so that it stays in place. Lube up the inside of your magic vaginia you have just made and get to work. It's like having your very own homemade fleshlight. You can roll up the towel as tight or as loose as you want for more pleasure, and you can also place it inbetween your bed boxspring and mattress. EVERYBODY THAT HAS READ THIS COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT BACK ON IT AND LEAVE FEED BACK ON IF IT WORKED FOR YOU AND WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THIS TECHNIQUE. thanks and enjoy!!

I have been mastubating since I was 12 years old and I'm now only a few months away from 17. I have had very good orgasms using "the Fist" like most guys do and my best was whenever I used the "Stop and go method" and pictured someone I was very atracted to! Using my opposite hand (My left) worked well also. THIS however, was the most unbelievable experience I have EVER had. It was so inttense. When I began to orgasm it was slightly more difficult than usual because of the pressure on my "head" So I had to pump a little more to get it going. It was the longest Orgasm I have ever had and the most sensational one! I was literally beginning to ghasp for air because of the orgasm and the asonishment of this variation! I recommend to others that they do cut off the Zip or tie Whatever and maybe put a pillow on the box spring so as to not block the flow of Semen otherwise the experience may not be as sensational.

Wow just tried this yesterday with some lotion, saliva, and rolled up bubble wrap, and I think it might have been better than sex. After 10 years of only doing it with a hand I think I found my new favorite!

"All you have to do is throw away the baggie"....Right, then spend the next two and a half hours scrubbing with a wire brush to get the petrolatum off you're wanker. Honestly use spit, use mayonnaise, use cooking oil for crap sakes, but vaseline is not a good lube!!!

wow!!! i just finished doing this.. and it was amazing!!!! my legs are still shaking.

I have actually been doing this for years and ill tell you it feels better with pillows.

this is pretty much what sex feels like, to some extent..
but just not the same.. i tried it for an hour and didnt cum once..
its good, but id rather be making love to my beautiful girlfriend.

dont have a girlfriend? stick to the mattress. next best thing.

use lotion instead and cut the zipper/whatever off the bag

Ive tried this several times and i love the results. Watch some POV porn and its like your the one with the girl... But anyway, great method, THANKS

i have not tried this method yet, and i plan to the next time i have the chance, but i don't really understand how something plastic can feel more like a vagina or mouth, than a hand.

there is stuff 10x better than a lame sandwich baggy at

i did this last night, and it felt really really good, i had the latex glove with the wool sock around it and i basically just used my saliva as lube, it worked very well. However my bed is to high so i was pretty uncomftorable. I had my laptop on top of the bed and i watched a pov porn. Its like your really having sex with the person, make sure you go at a nice smooth rhythm not to fast.

I tried this many times Never felt good felt strange but today omg never felt better awesome ty

It felt good but it kind of hurt.....

like another person said, i feel like i lost my virginity to my bed, LOL. This is the most amazing feeling ever and i think a great way to practice for the real thing, and my bed is the perfect height, a+++++

I tried this technique, but the orgasm didn't feel THAT great like every one says, it was all right I guess. It's not all it's cracked up to be for some people.

Holy crap, that was actually pretty awesome.

Im 16 and ive been jerkin off for about 2 yers now and i always have watched porn and halfway through the vid today i decided to go try this method. Instead, i put a condom on, and then i put it inside of the plastic bag. Then i took two soft pillows from my bed and put my penis between em and started. this is literally the best feelin ive had i busted such a big ass nut my stomach hurt really bad after.

Make sure to use ALOT of vaseline on this one. I had a great orgasm the first time i did this. first technique that makes me feel like im actually having sex.

I don't like the ones that involve toilet paper rolls. My penis is too large to fit inside them, and I know I'm not the only one. If only the diameters of toilet rolls were closer to 6.5-7" around. :(

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! A few tips tho..... Only do this when u can shower afterwards. If u use the Vasoline, it takes a good 5 minutes to properly get it off (in the shower). Also if you bed (matress) is too high, or low, I found tht a hydrolic chair works as you can set it to the perfect height and then if you attach the Bag to the chair so it doesnt have much movement, the sensation is way better!

14 year old from Oakville