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I used baby oil instead of vaseline as i didn't have any! O'h my god it is so amazing, i thought it would be okay but it was more than that. I've been wanking for about 4 years and nothing can compare to this - i have never orgasmed properly until now - i was actually skaing it was so good. Hopefully, when i do start having sex, the guys arse will be similar to this... 16 UK

Hollly sh*t that was amazing. The startup was a little rough, but the ejaculation makes up for it! It was the best ejaculation I've had in a long time. For a few minutes I couldn't walk because my legs were like butter!!!!! Cleanup is a breeze too. Thanks whoever came up with that!!!

I am a 23 year old male and I have my own technique of the "Baggie and Matress". The first thing I do is put some lube in the tip of a condom and then unroll the condom onto my penis. Now, if you men want to try this, be carefull not to spill any lube when you first start to unroll the condom onto your penis. Then I lay down on my bed, usually face down, and I either use a pillow or my hand to rub my penis. This will always feel better than a baggie because it's going to be a tighter fit on your penis and the lube stays near the tip of your penis. The biggest reason I masturbate like this is that I, like most men, get very tired right after shooting a lot of semen (like if I've been masterbating 30 minutes or more). After ejaculating, I can then go right to sleep. After I wake up I dispose of the condom and semen. I don't have to worry about cleaning up right after I ejaculate. The other reason I like to masterbate using a condom is that I can keep my clothes on. Even with clothes on, I can hump the pillow or use my hand by grabing my penis from the outside of my underwear or even when I'm wearing jeans

this technique felt good it felt like i was having sex i usually do this one watching porn but it wasn't messy after ejaculated so that was but after i cummed in the bag i had my girlfriend eat out the bag

Try the same method, but switch everything to a leather sofa (that is, if you have a leather sofa at home). All you do is lube up your penis, put it between seating pat while you kneel infront of the sofa, lean over seating pat and add pressure to the pats (to your desire, and I prefer the feeling of a tight wet vagina), and hump away. Feeling is incredible!

if i were you i would take another baggie and put it between the 2 wich would create the same effect but may ot b effective im young and i would know trust me

This is a great way to get off. It feels so much like real sex.

This is the closes thing to real sex as I have ever tried. I really love it. I like to hump when I masturbate because its like real sex so this is a great way to do it. It feels a lot like a woman's vagina, watching some good porn along with doing this is the most fun I have with out real sex. 17 Male Michigan

Another way to do this is to use the back of your computer chair. Many have a detachable back rest which feels very similar to couch cushions. Just unscrew the back, insert the bag and your penis, lower the back rest again and go at it. It's good because you can watch stuff on your computer screen while you do it.

Great technique..but I found something to make it even better. Use 2 pillows instead of ther mattress, and put the baggie between the pillows, but wrap a heated back-massager around the bag. I used the homedics chair heats and vibrates in different areas. This is AWESOME!!

WOW!! that was great!!, it was my first time and i never felt an orgasm like that before. I was a little nervous about not working, but was i suprised.

I loved this so much. it was glorious. I remember once i did it and broke the bag (mess) lol. i am sad because i ran out of vasaline and cant find any more.. AND I NEED IT AGAIN.. i get the feeling i lost my virginity to my bed.

Oh my god I tried this technique, and it was the best. I got stuck in my room for a couple hours going through 5 condoms. It felt so real, and a good porn, made the day. As long as I am alone and have a baggie toilet paper roll and a good porn, I am a happy man. Thank you so much, I will be reading for more comments on this. 5 stars all the way

this is one of my fave techniques but i made a small change i put the pillow on the bag and i layed on the pillow. OH YEAH AND I'D CUT OFF THE TOP OF THE SANDWICH BAGGIE!

The best way to make it feel exactly fit for your penis and even tighter for a better feeling, is to use your hand and make a cylinder, somewhat like a fist. Lay on your stomach on the bed, and put your penis in your hand. MAKE SURE TO USE LUBRICATION. Then pump up and down, and its a really good simulation. Also you can release muscles from your hand and tighten for simulations of vagina.

The greatest is the baggie technique for masturbating and you don't have to go thru all the mushy stuff afterwards like you would with a partner. I cut off the part of the baggie with the ziplock to make it a smoother ride; also putting a vibrating egg inside the plastic makes the experience much more powerful! Instead of Vaseline, I use a lube called Gun Oil, which is a longer lasting lube so it doesn't take a lot of it at one time. After 44 years, I am glad to find a better way to jo (several times a week!) it really has helped keep me safe from STD's/HIV. KD Houston, Tx

Hey, if anyone ever gets to reading this, this is the best technique for masterbatinng ever. I've still going through puberty (extremely late..17 yo), and i only ejaculate when it feels really good, and everytime for this technique it works so freakin much, even back to back. No blanks. But the only problem is that i feel like absolute CRAP after doing this. I feel like such a loser. I mean i completely beleive, and love masturbating...but we are having a foursome with a ziploc bag, vaseline, and our goddamn MATRESS!!! IT's so depressing that i spend hours doing that and then while im ejaculating, im calling myself a loser. QUITE QUITE sad.

Here's a variation I discovered by accident when I found myself at home alone. I had been sleeping on one of those vinyl air mattresses. I let a little air out of it so that it would fold in half lengthwise. I got some soap and lubed the crease where the two halves came together. Then I inserted myself and started going at it. My weight on top of the folded mattress made the crease tighter. It felt so good that I didn't last very long. There was a mess to clean up afterward too, so the baggie is a very good idea.

Instead of a matress get a 4 ft long bean bag and go at it. I like the bean bag much better because I have more control over the long bag and I can lay on it (don't have to stand) I just wish I could staple the baggie to the bag because it would feel much better if the baggie would stay in one place (or maybe I just dont have enough lube) I intend to try this my only test with this failed because I heard my parents get home :( - age 17, Ks

AMAZING! I used a large Ziploc baggie Vaseline and humped the crap out of this baggie. I have a prettyhigh pillow top bed (new and the weigh it created was great. In addition I edged the entire time for almost 1 1/2 . What sent me over the edge was when the door opened and my other half walked in and said you are quite creative. When I stood up the Ziploc was attached and she said I have not seen you ejaculate that much in eons. Thanx

Another variation of this is to use a surgical rubber glove with some KY or your favorite lube. Put the rubber glove on, pour some lube in the palm of your gloved hand and make sure to spread it around. Then, when you are hard enough, just pull the opening of the glove back over your hand (while still clutching wood) and cover your penis. That way, you don't have a mess on your hands. Use your favorite position. On top of a couple of pillows or a soft couch works best for me.

Here's my variation on the baggie/sock/mattress technique: Insert a vibrator (or two) into the sock, around the outside of the baggie or condom. Insert between mattresses a have at it. It puts pressure on your penis, and adds a new dimension: vibration! Play around with vibrator placement. I particularly enjoy two vibrators either both right next to each other under my penis, so it makes a sort of triangle, or one on either side of my penis.

Been doing this for years. If you haven't got a mattress handy, just use a big piece of cushion foam. Cut a slot in it , put a few big elastic bands around the opening and along the foam for about the same length as your stiff penis. Slide in the plastic bag with some hand cream or vaseline inside, feed in your penis and hump away. Very handy when you go camping. If someone asks you what the foam is for, just say it's an extra pillow! Jon. 17. U.K.

I masturbate about 3 times a week. After visiting your website, I decided to try the baggie-mattress technique. It was honestly mindblowing. Within about two minutes, I was ready to burst. I would advise everyone to try this. Here are some help tips:
1. I use vaseline...easy cleanup and wonderful lubricant
2. If it does not feel tight enough, press down on the mattress with your hands.
3. When you are ready to burst, thrust into the mattress as far as will be pleased.

Wow, ive gotta tell you, this is definetely one of the best techniques i've ever tried and ive been masturbating for about 3 years. I had sex with a girl when i was 12 and this felt very comparable to that. I loved it and I think anyone looking for a good time alone sometime, should try this! I also found that you can put ur penis in the split between couch cusions and it feels like your doing missionary style with a girl. -15, Iowa

I see that many people complain about discomfort. I know what they mean: you usually find your matress too low to the ground. I've invented a new way to do this one: Get a storage baggie and fold the top over like you were rolling up a condom, but not all the way. Just enough to get the rigid zipping part out of the way. Roll ir up a little bit so its a little bigger than your penis (you might want to use one of the sides for a smoother fit). Wrap a folded towel around it, to give it a firm shape. Tah-duh! Its now portable. Use some lube. Tips: You can go in the bathroom for this one if you don;t get too much privace. Just turn your shower on and aim the shower head towards t he wall so it sounds like you're taking a shower. You can use your own saliva for lube if you need to. Try putting it between the toilet lid and the toilet seat if you want to get a good humping motion. If not, try squeezing the towel some to get more feeling, and dont use a ton of lube since it might make it too slick and harder to reach an orgasm. I used this technique only once so far, but it works perfect. The high point, before you ejaculate and fully orgasm, lasts a long time and feels great! Much better than your hand.

Here is my variation to the Baggie and the Mattress stimulation method. I put a few drops of baby oil (because I find it easier to clean up then Vasoline)in the sandwhich bag and rub the bag around to get the baby oil all over the bag. Then I put the bag over my erect penis, wrapping the extra bag around my penis and then placing a small elastic band (not to small though) at the base of the penis to hold the bad on. I then lay on my bed (or the floor if you prefer)placing my penis between 2 pillows (preferably not to hard and not too soft). I hug the pillows and pump away.

This is by the far thebest technique I have ever tried. The orgasm I get are just mindblowing. I encourage EVERYONE to do this. I do things a little different though. For one, I use a rubber glove instead. I find the latex to be much more comfortable and soft. Second, I like to use a paper towel roll (as mentioned on this site). This technique really makes your fantasies come alive (not literally, sorry boys :p ). Highly recomended.

My version of the bag-in-mattress is a block of softish foam rubber about 5cm thick and wider than your hard-on, a condom and a teaspoonful of coconut oil. Despite all the rhetoric I've NEVER had a materials-failure with this oil: partly unroll, slip in oil, fit condom with 5 or 6cm free at the business end, and unroll til you see the serial number (!!0 before you distribute the oil to the top half. BTW: I wax all the hair from my shaft: this gives me a better latex-skin seal at the base. Cut a single slot-hole right through the block to the other side; poke two fingers in from the back and pull the condom throughIf your two fingers won't fit, cut wider. One alternative is a thin strip of foam the same width. Lay the rig on a solid, right-height surface, lay a longish plank on top of that, and voila you can vary your pressure. Alternatively wear tight unders, tuck the oil-condom-erection up toward your hip and go for a ride on your bicycle!

I just discovered a "New" Masturbation Technique out of "The Baggie & Mattress" Technique....I have one of those Foot Rest Ottoman, The kind that swings Back and Forth, and it has a cushion on top that's secured with Velcro....I was looking at it one night and had a "Mastubation" Idea....I took it to my Bedroom, put it on top of my Bed (it is a perfect size for The Doggie Style Position), and did the same procedure as for "The Baggie and Mattress" Technique, and slipped my penis in the Baggie, and grabbed the Ottoman by the sides and rocked it back and, what a feels exactly like the real thing, because you are grabbing and rocking the Ottoman back and forth like you are having Doggie Style Sex with your best fantasy girl....the best "Non-Partner Sex" I have ever had....If you have a Foot Rest Ottoman that Swings Back and Forth, I would recomend this Techniqure Highly.....TRY IT!!!!!!