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I first read about this technique on jackinworld back in 2004. I tried it shirtless on my bed. I couldn't tell if I was going to cum or pee, I felt as if I was about to cum. Instead I peed all over my chest and the bed. After I emptied my bladder I continued jerking and had an amazing orgasm. I now use this technique only in the shower or right after peeing.

its amazing for me. i have a really loose foreskin so a love playing with my knob

Make sure you are alone. Very intense!!! It is worth it.

i tried this tech until orgasm but the pleasure is to intense for me

i tried this tech and the pleasure was super intense

I always try to take this method to the point of ejaculation but I just cant seem to take the felling. Then after a while my second head starts to get this burning sensation. Is this cause I use too little lube?

I am a married guy, 58 years old. I have been using this method for a long time. I usually reserve it for when I am in the shower. I usually spit into my palm for lubrication, and then begin palming my cock head. The feeling is unbelievable, so intense. I usually pee while rubbing, but I don't stop there, continuing rubbing my cock and right after peeing, I usually cum hard. Sometimes I have my wife do it for me, she loves seeing me pee and cum. I used to think I was the only one that peed while doing this and thought maybe I was different. Its good to know that others feel the urge to pee too. What I want to tell them is to let it go, don't stop ... continue peeing and rubbing. You will love it.

no bs, i did this for about 1 1/2 hours and i came close to cuming a couple times, but i had to stroke myself to the was still good but ima try to cum with only the rosy palm later on

The Rosy Palm technique was awesome. My cum shot farther than it has all the way up my arm. I then enjoyed licking it up and swallowing.

This technique was awesome. My cum shot farther than I have for a long time. I shot my cum all the way up my arm then enjoyed swallowing it.

This technique was awesome. I could hardly control it. I had the best ejaculation ever and shot my cum farther than I ever had all the way up my arm.

Wow just wow. As a response to the earlier comment about lubrication, lubrication is not necessary if your uncut, but using lube makes the feeling much mor intense. This technique was great. Got my first ejaculation using this and the foreskin push.

I've tried this multiple times and the orgasm is fantastic. My only problem is that I, like I see others write, feel the urge to urinate and often do while using this technique. I normally clean my cock before masturbating and in this process I usually rub the tip to get the urge to urinate and get all remaining urine out so I can masturbate in peace without having to worry about urine in bed etc. The "urge" unfortunately also hits me sometimes when my girl blows me, but thanks to this technique now I know how to prevent me from worrying about "dripping".

This is my new favorite. When I reached organism, it usually takes about 20 seconds to ejaculate, but with this, only about 10 seconds. It also seemed to last longer and it felt great.

I try to stroke and rub at the same time, but it's so intense I forget to stroke

Im 13 but i cant seem to get it i can only hump things and get pleasure

I had an awesome orgasm doing this. I pressed down on the head more than rubbing the head, and it felt like the extra power of my orgasm came from the spunk being held back so that my contractions had to be stronger to force it out passed my hand. I was stood up at the time and I thought my knees were gonna give way, it was that intense!

I do this if I'm taking my time like jacking the conventional way. I mix it up. I like to finish off this way. I make way too much noise though when I do it this way so I make sure I have time and privacy. It's so damn intense. Makes me blow like crazy.

I couldnt even last 1 min doing this, it was too intense I couldnt continue. Im going to get my boyfriend to do it for me :P

i dont think thats a good technique. but maybe im doin it wrong. anyways the best porn site is = )

i tried doing this technique but i couldnt keep it going for long anough so told i my friend about it and he came over and we started to do it to each other, we ejackulated over each other and the feeling was SENSATIONAL,
now we do it to each other all the time

this was so great. Getting the back of the head is the best part and i believe it is the most stimulating along with the tip. I had to stop myself from moaning to not wake up my parents

i can't masturbate with this technique, every time i try to do it it tickles so much that i get no pleasure from it and can't continue :(

im 14 and i masterbate but this didnt work for me

I lost focus, so I couldn't ejaculate. However, the sensation was really great! Every guy should try this while thinking of three young women licking the glans simultaneously. Cumming in the hand saves some cleanup to.

how long should it take to work? Because i've tried it and I give up when i've urintated.

how long should it take to work? Because i've tried it and I give up when i've urintated.

how long should it take to work? Because i've tried it and I give up when i've urintated.

I love this one. I usually use it when I jerk in the shower. I BRINGS ME TO MY KNEES it's so powerful. I wish I didn't cum so I could keep going one forever!

I was finally able to ejaculate with this. It was incredible!!!!

OMG I'm 11 yrs old (12 in two weeks) i got an orgasm so quickly and it was the most intense ever!

I had my first orgasm this way, and it's still one of my favorite techniques. It is totally awesome!

Okay, I was finally able to do this technique today and the orgasm wasnt so intense as i thought it would be but.. damn it was still intense.

Wow, i just starting to masturbate and I cant stop my legs from shaking the whole time im using this technique, I use spit for the lube ( sounds gross but works) and I cant ejaculate though, maybe im to young but all I do is piss. and im not sure if im having my orgasm or what, any more explanations? thanks.

I first started masturbating in this way (about 11 or 12 yrs. old), but of course I did not know what I was doing... it was just a pleasurable, curious thing to be doing. I remember it felt very pleasurable! Eventually, however, as I began to masturbate more and more I started to just jerk "it" up and down.

Now I occassionally try doing it the "Rosy Palm" way (by lubing up and going at it in circles). Although it is highly pleasurable, I can no longer achieve an orgasm or ejaculate. Lately I've been trying to masturbate in this way, little by little, to get back to my "original state." My point: If you can achieve it, don't leave it! You can dry different ways to masturbate, but don't leave this one. It allows you to hit the sensitive areas on your penis' head and feels awesome--and it feels better if you can go alllllllll the way.

this is the best freakin orgasm i have had by myself. it is the best. the rosypalm was sensational!

i love this technique i had my first ejaculation with it!

Hey I just had my first ejaculation last night in the bathtub. I turned the water off lubed up and I went at it with this technique.. I didn't ejaculate much, but it was my first ejaculation, so I wasn't expecting much. I am 14. Oh and I have another question. I have a girlfriend I and she has masturbated me but I have a question, how do you ask a older sister or guy friend to masturbate with you?

I love tis tecnique and have spent hours orgasming without ejaculation with this tecnique. I usually sit and point my erection towards the floor. Holding the shaft with my left hand and useing the palm of my right hand and a lot of lube i rub the top of my penis head, ive had excelent al body orgasms and when i do cum its usually a huge spurt and leaves me quivering with pleasure

When using the rosy palm technique make sure you stroke in a circular manner. Make sure you rub most of the head of your penis but most importantly the tip. Don't be shocked if you urinate at first. With this technique the pleasure becomes very VERY intense. You may have to force yourself to keep stroking yourself with this technique. But the resulting orgasm's with this technique are THE MOST intense I have ever had. They are the greatest orgasm's ever. I'll say it again... You MUST force yourself to keep stroking... you've never had an orgasm like this I'll gurantee it!

OMG. That is so hot! I've tried doing this alone at home but I just was not able to keep going it was so intense! So anyway, I was talking to my mate and we got onto masturbation and I told him about the rosy palm thing and he suggested that we do it together. So we went into my bedroom and we went full at it. With someone else doing it for me I could actually take it but it was so intense I was screaming. We do it for each other all the time now. Its so hot! It's seriously the best masturbation technique ever! I recommend you all try it with a friend!

Regarding Masturbation techniques.... I am a right hander masturbate and have enjoyed masturbation all my life! Now I find that using my left hand with my fingers on top and my thumb underneath [the reverse method most guy use with the fingers underneath and thumb on top] This gives a totally different sensation. It is also handy if you are right handed and want to use the mouse to surf for 'stimulating sites' you can still pleasure yourself while using your right hand to do the search and 'clicking'

For those of you who have "playmates," I just wanted to mention that doing this to a guy that's tied down to a bed (or vice versa) is a blast. It's torturous, in a very good way, but it's practically impossible to maintain this technique unless someone else is doing it to you and you're physical restrained. ...which can definitely be a LOT of fun.

Well I have tried this method many times. Although i received great pleasure and "that tingly feeling" i just couldn't ejaculate, and usually end up just pissing. I am at an age where being physically mature isn't an issue. Many other methods on this sight work great for me, but i guess I just can't use this one. =/

I have been using a variation to this technique for some time it's awesome, I get my penis real hard and with my foreskin pulled all the way back i grab my penis near the base with one hand and hold firmly and then with my other hand open like in the rosy palm i rub my hand all over the head of my penis until I ejaculate.

Strange as it may seem I enjoy the sensation of "hand and palm" because of the great sensation it affords me.In addition using this method it, I do not require any lubrication! The position I like most is with the palm of my left hand on top of the head of my penis as opposed to the underneath part of the head. If I am looking or reading any sexual material on my computer, this method eliminates the use of any lubricant avoid any spills on the desk and computer equipment.

im 13 and until i found this site, i thought i was a pervert for masturbating, but this site made me feel alot better, anyway, i tried the rosy palm, but it was uncomfortable so i just strate out masturbated. another thing, my top recomended lubricants, are saliva, lerbriderm hand moisturizer, and this green tea masauge oil i found in my dad's bathroom once. my top recommended porn sight,, deffinatly check it out because u don't need credit card or email adress. thanks again guys

If you're uncircumcised, do you find you need lube for this to be pleasurable? (Uncircumcised as in having a foreskin - does your foreskin provide all the lube for the rosy palm or not? I know if you're circumcised, lube is needed for Rosy Palm to be wonderfully blissful.)

o my god i tried this technique with cooking oil and i couldn't last more than 30 seconds it was so intense that i found my self screaming with pleasure i honestly felt like i was having an out of body experience i couldn't cum from that so i had t go back to the old fashioned way to finish off but i am working getting to an orgasm from that technique you have to try it if oyur reading this and experience the trip for yourself