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Won't Microwaving the peel and then inserting your penis into bad for you?

This works very well, but remember to clean out the inside of the peel for any leftover banana (this is the black stuff, very ripe banana fruit). Also the bigger the banana the better. Cut it so that the banana peel has two halves like it says.

Then put one half of the peel on the top of the penis, and the other half on the bottom. Then start jerking away. The great thing about this is that you just have to throw away the peel to get rid of the "evidence".

I have used the banana skin technique occasionally for many years (I'm now 78). Maybe the bananas that we have in Britain are larger than those in the US but it makes no difference if the skin does split. The lubrication is so good that if your palm or fingers are touching your penis it doesn't matter. But the greatest thing is - you can squeeze as hard as you like. The lubrication is so good that you will slip and slide whatever the pressure.

The feel of the banana is so good on your dick, especially when it's warmed up in the microwave. Only problem is: I've never been able to find a banana that's my size. The banana tends to break just as I'm about to cum, which sucks. But the feeling is awesome!

I've tried it once and I liked it very much... i could last longer than usual and the orgasm was good too. You should give it a try. male 20 str8

i tride it today but man the banana is way to small and i uesed the bigerst one we gad and i am only 13teen

you people must have some tiny dicks. im not exactly what you call big and i didnt fit

maaaan the best way to do this is peelit like everyone says BUT after that put the peel inside a toilet paper roll then put that roll between your mattress and box spring.

I haven't jerked off for two weeks and when i did this it was awsome. Banana is the best.

OMFG i just did this oh it felt sooo damn good and i had a orgasm in about 2-3mins after starting omg it felt so good so basically it was AMAZING!!!!
anyone that reads this try it!!!!!!!trust me it feels so good!!!!!!

p.s.i used a old banana so i got some black stuff on my penis so i recommend using a new banana if u don't want the black stuff but in my opinion the older ones with the black spots on the outside they feel better ;)

I tried this technique the other day and it feels great...the banana skin makes a great lube and would taste great if you are limber enough for autofellatio!

lol my mate said this as a joke and bein me a tried it, leave some banana in for lube and run it under the hot tap, my wang split it open. lol my gf went mad

DONT DO THIS, YOU SHOULD REMOVE THIS TECHNIQUE. I am 17 and tried this, as everyone was asleep i cut the bannana to the appropiate size (was a lil smaller than it should have been) rinsed with hot water to attain microwave feel. and gotta humpin' well i wasnt cumming for awhile (but it did feel good) and this is the first time i tried to screw something (im a virgin) well turn the light on and the bannana had black stuff everywhere. this scared the living crap outta me as i though i was bleeding or something! Well i cleaned it up and was pretty mad no one else mentioned this! So, if you do this technique keep it in the shower (and taping it together will help as mine split.

And I thought that was my idea!!! LOL

This one works really well. A good tip is to cut the banana peel to the length you'll likely need based on your own penis, then cut down the side and remove the banana inside. I did this and once I got an erection I orgasmed in less than a minute, and it

If you have a smaller penis than cutting slitting the peel and removing the fruit that way will work for you, I know that my penis split the peel as soon as I tried to insert it, however, I do recomend just peeling the banana and warming the peel if you have a larger penis.

wow. this technique is amazing. i did it with the stop & go technique. and i think i had the longest most powerful orgasm of my life.

It didn't really feel much different from a normal "fap"

My variation of the banana method I look for an extra large banana and wrap duct tape around it, and cut the stem end off at a 45 degree angle, which will allow more room for inserting my penis head later on. Next, I scoop out the banana with a tea spoon. The banana is hollow, and the walls of it are intact, and reinforced with duct tape. This way, the banana peel doesn't fall apart. The banana peel makes great lube, as it it not messy, and leaves a nice banana smell when I'm finished.

i have not tried it yet but i plan to. one suggestion for those who say the bannana splits is to place a condom over it then masturbate.

i got a good one lube up ur arse n place an umbrella up der its roughly the same sixe as a penis n feels so nice

I tried this method yesterday,and it works great and feels wonderful.I warmed the peel for about 12 second in the microwave.It felt better than any other lube i have ever used and felt so perfectly warm.

I tried this and found I actually needed two bananas to cover my penis sufficiently. Any reccomendations for those of us using smaller bananas? I'm not trying to say my penis is huge, I'm just inquiring.

Use a ripe plantain. Try to find a large straight one. Another method I like is using an egg plant. Cut both ends, get a 1.5" pipe and cut a hole through it. Warm in a microwave and lubricate.

I tried it today! Can't find a big enough banana i am really thick and it split open!

did not work for me this is for those with a smaller penis

I have tried this and it works great! Only 15 yes, and the first few bananas broke, but after I got the hang of it, I loved it. Every time I masturbate now, it doesn't compare.

Omg this felt so good im 15 been masturbating for a long time orgasm in 15 secends it felt good

One caution concerning bananas. Some people are allergic to them. An easy way to tell is if your mouth itches for a minute or two after eating one. If it does DO NOT use the bananna method! I went ahead one day and tried it even though I am allegeic to them. Bad move. In 20 seconds it felt like 1000 mosquitoes were stinging my penis and scrotum and the pain lasted for 1 minute even after I made a mad dash to the shower and literally soaked my member with 50 PSI stream of water to get the banana off. Same goes for cantaloupes. If you allergic don't use them during playtime.

One thing Wrong with this one is that and i stress FIND ONE THAT IS A DECENT SIZE TO FIT OR IT WORKN'T WORK TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!

this one didnt really work for me because my penis was too big for this one(not braggin' but my doctor told me that it was alot buigger for my age.) and i tried to get bigger bannanas but they all split open but it was a good orgasm cause i shot semen all over at least it was on the bathroom floor. 15.

I can't believe I'm 49 years old, I've been masturbating regularly since I was 12 or 13, and I just learned about the banana technique (I guess I haven't been reading jackinworld enough). After I read about it and the comments, I immediately went and tried it. Just as all the other guys said, IT WAS AMAZING. It took about 30 seconds for me to reach orgasm. I hollowed out the inside of the banana and tried to use it that way, but I wasn't able to get my penis inside without it splitting open, but it still was amazing. I guess I need to find some bigger bananas. :) Oh yea, heating it slightly in the microwave was definitely an added bonus.

I found about this technique when I was about 12 years old and have loved it ever since... And while it's not normally something I use often, when I really want a nice wank, I go get me a big banana, cut just down one side, eat the banana, and masturbate with the peal... I've found the condom addition to be quite nice as well! The only downside is depending on how tight you hold the banana (or how big you penis is verses the size of the condom if being used), along with the length of time it takes, it can become quite a messy experience! So, make sure you have a dark towel to clean up with if you're not showering after!!!

I have the ultimate banana method . It took me years to perfect it . Get a pillow cover it with a towel lay it on the bed . Get a standard rubber hot water bottle.Fill with warm water expel any air and leave it soft ,not chuck full . On one side of the bottle lay three layers of facial tissue (Kleenex ). Dampen with water ( this prevents slipping ) now here's the secret...take a banana , not too ripe .Slit the peel down one side carefully remove the fruit .Take a scissor and cut the corners on each end of the peel .cut 3 or 4 small slits on the ends about a 1/4 inch in . Just enough so it can lay flat . Larger straight bananas work best .If your in a hurry ,LIGHTLY heat the peel in a microwave . Put a paper towel under the water bottle ,things can get messy . Use whatever lube or combo of skin cream and lube . Make sure the skin cream does not have lots of alchol or fragrance . Anything that can burn your skin is no good .(I like a brand called Curiel ) Get the pillow set right so you can staddle it . Lay the outside of the peel down on the damp tissue .Add lube on the inside . It's warm ,it's wet ,it's instant vagina ! This leaves your hands free to change mag pictures or use a remote . EZZZY clean up . This can save you plenty of money over buying drinks or going to a hooker . It's not quite as good as the real thing ,but it works .