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I love using this technique whenever I have time. After being able to stop and go for a couple of hours, my orgasms are huge. The first squirts often go over my head and into my face. I also do this with my brother to see who can last longer. I love watching him do it because he cums alot more and alot further than I can

i tried this tech with no intention of squirting my hand wit cum! i read the tech then thought " hmm, will this work?" and just WOW!!!! it was the most i ever cummed Age 13, NY

this was soooo awesome!! when i first came to this site and read about that natural lube, i didnt think that it was true cause i never heard of it, and ive never done it. but when i used this tech., i actually produced it, and it felt really good after stoping and then finishing after a few times! thanx Jackinworld!!!! :)

I love how this website has so many different age groups. :)

I'm in my late 20's, this is the best thing ever honestly. I've done this alone and with partners and it's wonderful. It's really fun if you make it into a game.

Back when I was younger and jerked off with friends (I'm not ashamed of it, we were kids lol). We would make fun of whomever came first. Really motivated you to hold on as long as you could. That's where I learned how long I could really last, and that sex could be fun without being intimate.

The world would be a better place if people were more open about this stuff and way less conservative. :)

be careful when you do this. it can get addicting and an addicting sin is horrible.

make sure your penis isn't aiming at your face cuz as i've learned... it's dangerous 0.o

I found masturbating at 10 years old and I am 13 now and about a month ago and then I found this website I am a regular masturbator with pretty boring orgasms and then I found this method! OMFG I set a personal new record, lying on my back watching porn and using this method after 1 and a half hours I hit the frickin roof! (9ft) vertically! Thanks jackinworld.

Simply awesome!for sure it was the best orgasm I've had.I lasted for more than one hour,and when I realized that I could not resist anymore I cumed a flood of sperm.Very good technique.

Record when doing this for me is 2 HOURS!

by the end i was acually in pain i was so horney lol
the resulting cumshot was so spectaular that it should open 2012

well i was watching porn when i did this i decided this would make it easier.. so i almost came twice and then when i did cum it felt like their was some left in there.. i was about to masturbate again until my porno ended and their was a 2 minute time period before i could find another good video.. during that time i felt this pain and it didnt go away till i came again.. although when i did it was amazing cum shot into the air ! :P

Sadly i was doing this in front of my computer. I finally ejaculated at 22 and i covered mym pc screen
-12, Il

This is the best. If you do this for about an hour and when u finally get an orgasm it is like nothing else. I cumed all over my bed and had to wash it before my mom got home. I was literally shaking after doing this. Great 10 stars

Holy shit...I ususally just dribble out cum. But I did this, only once, and it made me shoot out about half a foot...omg. I wonder how far it will go after stopping more than once :D

this is amazing ;)

Tried it for first time today, WOW. I came all over the place, it was great, i felt like the orgasm lasted like 10 mins after u came!

That was fucking amazing a real pumping feeling - Ollie :D

Whenever I masturbate, no matter what way or position, I always use this technique. Instead of just ejaculating somewhere like a quick masturbation session, I stay there for half an hour to an hour just jackin off. Thanks JackinWorld, this is great. m/14


blasted my mp3 i got naked except for my briefs and danced and jumped around like crazy on the bed in front of this huge ass mirror n had fun then humped up the bed and shot like a machine gun into my briefs then just took them off and kept having fun!

you gotta try it like this - its the best


mom: son why is your room all white?

me: mom, i can explain

This was amazing!

This is one of the best techniques on the site. On my first time trying this, my orgasm was so great that I could slightly feel it a full HOUR after I had done it. 13/m

The first time I did this I lasted almost a half hour and it was the first time ive had an orgasm strong enough to make me moan. I shot the most cum ever that time. Now I only do it in bed if my parents are home so i can moan into the pillow, plus having all my hot cum in my pubic hair feels good.

i have just tried this method and loved it i lasted for 1.5 hrs and feel amazing cum has gone everywhere tho tbh will definitely be doing it tonight !!! -15

I love doing this!

I love the feeling of stroking my cock, and the orgasm was so intense I actually moaned, and I blew cum all over the place!

I like to do this becuase you dont have a ''after cum'' per say and it feels really good most sperm ive seen in awhile

AMAZING, my dick felt awesome and i lost my breathe at one point. i blew the most semen ever! it was awesome! THIS IS A GOOD ONE GUYS!!

mann i havnt used this for awhile..and i tryed it tonight..but i had to keep checkin if my dad was comin down...

DAYUM.this is the only one to do. jk. do em all.

this is the best way to masterbate. it's so good that when i publish my book this web site is getting a credathion

This thins absolutely WORKS! It felt soo good, i said fuck over and over. WOW!

i just tried this idea it works so good. also i came up with my own variation. if you use the internet for picture every time you stop find a new picture

wow this is amazing! 6 stars! best feeling ever!

I find it way to hard to hold bavk ejaculation, and if i do it makes my balls ache :(

Holy crap

I'm sorry, but whoever said "10 and not a virgin", you seriously have issues.

WOW! I love this technique! I think I'm hooked. Just did it tonight for like almost an hour, and WOW! That was the most I'd every ejaculated. I'm not quite 13, and before could only dribble a little bit out, but tonight... WOW! I probably stopped about 20 times, and I swear, at the beginning I could go a minute, but at the end I could only go like 5 seconds before I had to stop. When I finally ejaculated, I got this really warm feeling in my penis, and the ejaculate was really watery. It felt GREAT! 6 star rating!

Ok the fist time I ducked up on it and came on the wrong time ........THE SECOND TIME!!dude it feel super good when ur right. About to but stop then at the very end!! It's like your Kizzy times 4 EVERYWERE best ever !! Yeah I stopped about 6 or 7 times before my Godzilla jiz... DO ITNOW!

I blow the biggest wad of semen every time. All I do is sit back think about a hot girl from school and wait. I love it it feels soooooo gooooood. Plus I love my own semen.

I tried this yesterday and it was AWESOME I cummed all over myself. You should definately try it! -13

this works fucking awesome and im fucking 11 and im so not even a virgin

I do this alot... But i find that it doesn't create a big, thick, massive, load. When I cum using this technique it's usually really watery and clear looking, versus a big thick white load. Its disappointing.

i used this method many times. because it produces more semen i like to eat my own semen and this way produces more for me to enjoy.


this one is definelty my favorite! i got to 11 after like an hour,lol

I'm trying to do this one but I can't help but jizz on the first time.
It is very annoying but still if its effects ( When done properly)are as good as people say they are then I guess its worth it.

ive done this so many times, and man i feel soooooooo good after, i do it 1 or 2 times again, then i like my sperm because i feel so good, i sometimes watch porn while doing this, and when i stop i just feel myself

its hard not to just keep on going lol

For those of you that said that this did not work for you, I recommend trying to not move your legs before and during orgasm as this will effect how powerful the orgasm is.

I used this tech for the first time today and all i can say is WOW!!! i recommend it to anyone who wants to have an amazing orgasm.

I got 2 11 woooow!