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i have tried this technique and my dick explodes at the end. very good.

I just did this and I jizzed like a water fountain u got to do this:)

When I stoped the first time my dick just had one huge burst of cemen

I usually do this technique (: But without lube

I've done this a few times, if you have some extra time do it. One time I waited at least 8 times, it took over an hour, in between sometimes I would massgae my balls, when I finally had my orgasim I shot out so far some of the cum hit the wall, my hair, my eyes (that stings) and all over my chest, and it was very warm, it felt so good, I tired this with a girlfriend and when I cummed in her she screamed so loud, and she cummed all over my nuts, she said she never felt cum reach that far into her.

I am an uncircumcisied and i do this without lube. This technique is my favourite cos i have a huge orgasm. i masturabate untill i nearly have an orgasm, and then stop. i squeeze my penis quite tight until the erection goes soft. i then continue like this for a few times till i can't hold it in. then there's a really amazing orgasm and loads of cum. try this!

This technique is awsome. I cum so much and it feels great.

Well i heard it's a fantastic technique...
But i cna't lol. If i'm about to cum i really can't stop! It's too... mmmmmmmmm.

Best orgasm I've ever had. A friend recommended this site to me so I checked it out, I felt like a lot of the comments to this technique were very exaggerated but then I tried it out myself, WOW. Not only does it make the actual orgasm longer and more pleasurable, but it felt like I was having an orgasm for minutes because the actual rubbing felt so good. The technique is so simple that anyone can do it and when you cum, it feels amazing. For best results use some skin lotion and don't stop until you're about to cum. Very pleased, 14/AZ.

This us a awsomeness way to get a lot of cum
out and feels sooo good

gotta say, this techinique works great! i always do this up to the point where i can't take it anymore, and i have a more powerful orgasm than just going at it with one try.

I love this tech. It makes me cum in huge amounts! You defenetly need to try it:)

-13 Connecticut

its hard to stop when im about to cum i cant even do this one i justy have to let my dick cum i cant stop lmao

i tried this and it was, shall we say, VERY productive

this technique is the BEST for getting an incredible orgasm! I tried it for the first time and it was so intense and so messy.

I'm 16 and a big masterbater an I read this stop and go technique and tried it out and was disappointed becausevmy or gasm was the same and not anymore powerfull than the same what did I do wrong? Please help me

I am 14 and have been using this technique since a couple months after discovering masturbation (11). It is a great way to have an intense orgasm and ejaculation. In fact i first ejaculated semen using this method. Have fun using it!!

I'll try this one, but I have a very easy but odd technique to get a great orgasm (well sometimes) with almost no semen and you don't even have to touch your penis.

Step one: Get horny, but DONT get a boner.

Step two: lie in bed on your belly and form a sweater into a ball, put it under your penis(keep your underpants on otherwise it won't work) and try to find a comfortable way to just lay on it with your penis(just let your penis hang as if it's in your pants) get some kind of mid way between a boner and not a boner(so it's not stretched but a bit hard), makes sure ur penis still feels comfortable( like there's a little hole it rests in) and now swing your hips from left to right/ right to left in a way ur penis goes like up and down. It feels great ( if ur a bit horny), it's fast and it's so easy to do u can just close your eyes and pretend your fucking with someone u like(it's harder to do that while ordinairy masturbating). It might be hard to learn it but you will know it if you did, because it should feel comfortable and nice.

Just keep ur underwear and stuff on because it usually doesn't produce much ( often no) sperm. Sometimes you'll be able to do this like 3 times in a row!

Please tell me if its good if you tried it

thanks, Thomas, 15 years.

Ps: I don't see this as a real form of masturbation but more as a mid-way between masturbation and just rubbing your penis since the orgasm doesn't feel as intense as when you use the fist but it feels very calm and soft. I discovered this by accident when I was like 8 I think, still do it now, every day except when I'm mastrubating on another way

amazing. I'm 16 and I have been looking for a new technique. the old tug and pull is starting to get a little boring. This however worked wonders. It makes my stomach and lower body feel so good afterward, and not to mention all the cum! I loved it, recommend it to anyone!

i just did the stop and go method 25 times over. my cum almost shot over my head and i was moaning for 5 seconds straight... hope i didnt wake my dad up... this is the best method to cross with others.. have fun :D

I'm 22 and last week I had my longest 'stop and go' session. It lasted for some 2 hours and by the end of it I must have produced at least 5-10ml of precum. To really enhance the experience I got naked and used spit as lube. The resulting orgasm and ejaculation was MASSIVE! I had at least 6 fulls spurts of semen and then smaller ones. The problem was the mess afterwards! It went into my hair, over my face and all over my body. Needless to say, a shower was necessary!

I did this method a few years ago while wearing my parka and suit pants and for about 4 or 5 hours I tried multiple types of variations. The feeling got SO intense each time when I came close to orgasm that when I finally came, I let out an involutary moan and the cum spewed out all over my clothes.

I love this method. My semen volume TRIPLES and the distance I can ejaculate is greatly increased :)

If I do the stop n go for four or five hours before the "release", I can usually count on five or six "spurts" (mmmmm!) shooting two or three feet from my grateful penis!

The downside is that I often get so excited by the intensity of the impending orgasm that I don't care about the mess, and I will often stand as I start to shoot, and just let it spray everywhere - as far as I can... feeling the streams of pleasure as the semen is pump it from my fully erect penis.


Simply amazing! This is the fundamental to any long and pleasurable session. 5 Stars and infinite kudos!

This technique it great!! I love it!!! I'll never do another quickie again. This one feels so good that i can wait for the long lasting enjoyment. And I've been shooting more semen than ever before. I used to have to stop masturbating for a whole week to shoot that much! I highly recommend this one!! Georgia- 15

I have used the "stop and go" technique for some time now.
It builds lots off pressure in the prostate, I guess.
So, considering this, I "stopped and went"(not surpassing the edge)
, while genty massaging my prostate with a "cigarr-tube". Finally, I let myself reach just intill the point of orgasm - then stopped the penile stimulation while maintaining the prostate massaging. The result was a prolonged intensive - almost like a regular orgasm - scense of "just before comming" feeling. This went on for about one minute, and then I grabbed my member and had a "normal orgasm" witch was stronger and lasted longer than any orgasm I´d had before.

I love this tech! It's awesome! I come so much it's like an explosion, and the orgasm afterwards makes me feel like a million bucks. Every time i think of it anywhere I get a boner that will rip my pants! Thanks, Jw. -13 yrs

p.s. try jacking in a suit or tux. Every time im in one I get a MAJOR boner and I come sooooo much. (make sure you have a plan to catch the semen, or you will end up with a white suit.)

I love this method and the end result is amazing. The power u get from the ejaculation feels sooo good. I was lying on my back and when I jizzed a little a bit went in to my my mouth. The first time I did it I was standing up in the bathroom and as I jizzed my step sister(not related) walked in and I jizzed on her she was not happy but she promised not to tell the parents what happened as long as I told her how long my penis actually was. I wasn't afraid to tell her this becuse I am proud of how big it is, 7 inches. LOL. Any way if u have not tried this method I suggest u do it is amazing you feel so good at the end. A 15 year

I love this. Great. me and my budies and our girlfriends do this on fridays (our date night), after a movie or dinner. Our girls suck, then they start the stop&go. We huys love it. Were only 10, but we do it. Were are bad,, I know but who cares!!!! Wev'e been doing this every friday for 1 year. Its great. Although we like this, some time we really inter corse wih them. We all love it. And we do it in front of each other, even. Love it. The bottom line. NOT VIRGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AGE 10)

OMG i love this tech, I did it with a couple of my friends and it worked soooo good! thx Jackinworld! 13, CT

Go into the shower, Fill a cup with warm water-Save it... then take shaving cream on your penis, then start pumpin once you feel like ejaculating put your balls in the cup

Man this is funny a site were you can learn ways to masturbate.funny ya i masturbate to i search for a masturbate site didn't think that their was one if you want to really masturbate find something hand held that vibrates softly place it to you're clitoral like thing at the tip of your penis for un circumsized penis and rub your nipple picture a girl on top of you licking nipple then take the hand what ever you got that vibrates place it to your nipple make sure you wet your nipple then begin to stroke your penis what ever way you see fit stop be fore you ejaculate and do again then nut aw you'll fell refreshed for more sex hints hit me up on

Great wank! Makes you jizz strongly and have a good jerk off.

i've been trying this for the last few days and it feels amazing, its such an extra sensation

Wow, I tried it and there was semen all over the room! Took a while to clen up, but amazing feeling!

Mother bitch this is amazing 1 thing don't lay down cuz u get it all over your self

Try going very slowly, but rhythmically, in a quick up/down motion pausing slightly less than one second between each quick up/down. Just like the steady slow single beat of a bass drum. Up/down,pause. Up/down, pause. Up/down, pause. Do this about 30 times in a row then all of a sudden do a super fast "set of 10", then right back to the slow thirty. The tension will build and build and the slow strokes feel amazing. During the slow thirty, don't let yourself slip into that steady, tried and true, medium paced rhythmic stroke that will send you toward the irresistible point of no return that all guys love. Let that happen during the super fast "set of ten". Eventually you will reach the point of no return on the "set of 10" and at that point just keep going. Unbelievable!

I discovered masturbation over 52 years ago and this wonderful technique in my teens. I have been using this method of self-pleasure exclusively now for about 15 years. It is my opinion that stop and go (edging) produces the ultimate in sexual pleasure, especially when carried on for days or even weeks. It is the absolute best sex one can take part in and could be considered the male version of multiple orgasms. There is, without a doubt, no better sex available.

I don't mean to brag but I AM about 7.5 inches fully erect. I can get a pretty good grip with my full fist because I am very thick as well. (So there's plenty of flesh to pump). Sometimes I feel like I'm stroking a supple hunk of hot steel. (Rock hard but with the outer layer of my penis tender and pliable enough to allow me to pump up and down effortlessly). Using this technique I have been experiencing full body orgasms writhing with pleasure from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. With this particular method I have rocketed semen a full 10 feet accross the room,(I measured). A few times I have positioned myself so my semen hits me with force right in the face and on to my lips. Its very clear and warm (almost hot), and salty to the taste. I have fairly large balls as well and I love to watch them flapping and undulating back and forth. Especially when I'm pumping really hard and fast and building to orgasm. (I feel a little embarrassed admitting it, but occasionally I do like to watch myself in the mirror! It is a real turn on especially with this technique). I can't usually last much longer than an hour because that wonderful, tingling, burning sensation up and down the inside of my legs just before I cum is such a luscious ache that I have to let go. When I use this method, being the length and girth that I am and filling up my entire grip, I feel very masculine and very sexy. If you've never tried this, you're in for a very powerful, sensual experience. It will feel like you are discovering something completely new! Just make sure you're truly alone when you first try it because when you DO cum you might not be able to hold back some very intense, pleasureable moaning. Enjoy guys!

I was doing this even before I knew about this website. Typically, I'll masturbate very slowly until I get that feeling. I'll stop, look away, and chant (It came to mind randomly once, and works fine for me), "Wallabies and kangaroos, wallabies and kangaroos," etc. Usually I just keep going until I accidentally slip over the edge. This one is definitely my favorite method.

The first time i did this i had one of the best orgasms i ever have had, i reccomend doing it while your watching porn to make it harder to keep going(it will pay off trust me)

Im 52 and found that this is a good way to help with erectile dysfunction.
I love to fuck as much as now as I did when I was a teen, but sometimes age can play tricks on you, but using this technic, I can be as horny as I ever was, and it beats the hell out the side effects of taking old man pills.

do this for a while with ur girlfriend then put ur penis in her and finish. my girlfriend was very impressed by the amount of sperm.

This gives you a very pleasing intense ijaculation.

belive me @52 i can still cum like u cant belive when i do this method!!

I love the tech! i used it last Friday night. I started at abot 2130ish and was still going at 0800 on saturday! I was watching a few porn film and just couldnt sleep. I did it to build up the reseves as i though my partner and I would have sex on the sat but it never happened :o( so i did it again on Sat night... again let down on Sun so again on sun night... and so on. It's Tuesday today and im going to continue (not all night though just a few hours a night until next sun if i can last only problem is it makes you so horny if you dont cum!

I love this method!

Words cannot describe how good it feels!

i'm 14 and i'm a regular wanker,

Omg this is the best wanking technique i have ever used its f@#$%$ awsome i usually jerk off 5 times a day and i was still able to make a tsunami of cum flow out of my shaft and out the head, it was all warm it felt sooo good this is awsome and to all you guys out there this is the best technique for you.
i had the biggest orgasm eva thank you stop-go ppl u saved allot of men from using such dull techniques.

Try dance music at the same time as doing this Cascada 'everytime we touch' is great