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Ahh, this is edging, or rather self edging. The only thing more intense is if someone else does this to you while your tied up...slowly and gently...

This is amazing! I love it! You get so horny, it is like cat and mouse for your penis!

This is great; I had the most powerful ejaculation I have ever had. I know use it all the time in conjunction with fisting and rosy palm. The first time I used this I moaned so load my parents asked me what was that noise was! (I told them I stubbed my toe lol!) Aged 14, UK

I am in my mid 70s and my wife in her late 60s. Being retired, having no family nearby and living a laid-back life we are usually dressed casually at home (no underwear) for being able to start sex right away whenever one of us feels like it, which can sometimes still be more than once a day, no bragging. Our foreplay is always stop and go masturbation for an hour or longer, mutually or individually while the other watches. That is great fun and makes us lasting long when having intercourse afterwards or not. We both get more out of jacking than out of intercourse.

Wow, I tried it for the first time, it's amazing!

Long time ago I read about this technique on your web site. I am using this method all the time. In this way I am able to increase my session of masturbation more than one hour. After stop. I feel fresh and little rested. Then I am able to go on as long as I want. Certainly it helps to control pre mature ejecolation. I like this method and I would recommend this to others.

I used this technique for the first time. I usually shoot half a foot, after stopping and going for 4 times i shot at least 3 foot. I don't usually get much semen just a dribble, but this was a SHOT. Thx Jackin' World..TECH RECOMMENDED!. 16/m/UK

This was a very good technique. i tried it recently and i was just wow. i could barley contain myself for more that 40 minutes of doing this.

I love this technique. The feeling is unbelievable. I normally rub the back of my penis head which gives burning sensation but not enough to make you come so I enjoy the pre come sensation. Some times I go on for about two hours and when I ejaculate the pressure is really strong, sometimes even hitting me in the face with force if im lying on my back! Would love to try this with some friends and see who can shoot the furthest. Love watching my self in the mirror wen i do this.

I am 62 and can tell you that this is wonderful. The longest I prolonged was almost an hour, and although the temptation to shoot was certainly very strong, I held off as long as I could. The amount of semen as well as the bigger than usual orgasmic sensation at climax were totally rewarding.

Wow, this is an amazing technique. It was actually quite easy to just stop and not ejaculate because I felt the sperm going through my shaft and it felt just as great as actually letting it out. Then when I felt it was time to let it out (after about the 5th time) It felt 5 times better than my usual orgasm and I shot a lot farther than I usually do. What could make this better is if you have semen saved up from about over a week or so. I didn't get up to clean up my mess, I just sat there a while and enjoyed the feeling I just had. i use this technique often it is great! since i have a bit less than 4" i use the 'pencil grip' somdtimes even though i can fit the 'fist grip' prety good. i used this for lil bit over an hr. watching pornography and reading erotica. when i finaly go its great! it goes over 3' and i can fill over a c.m. of a dixie cup with my very thick white sperm. thnxs JW!! great technique

this was the best orgasm ive ever had, i did this for about an hour and wow im pretty shure it shot like five feet

I'm 19 and I heard about this site and this tech from some friends I play basketball with. This tech is sweet!!!! What I like about wacking this way is that u can stay rock hard for real long and ride the pre-orgasm feeling for as long as u want to. Then when ur ready u squirt this giant wad of semen and it feels sooooooo good!!!! This tech rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG this felt incredible i can't belive it only took me an hour and 30 min to get this done once i reached orgasm i exploded into heaven my semen shot a full 3 meters!!!! I was impressed with the results of this thxs jackin expert!

This is the greatest-ever technique, and it feels better still if you stroke your bollocks occasionally while doing it. This helps to build up a really full load, which is one of the main advantages of this technique.The longer you can stay with that delicious about-to-ejaculate feeling, but just avoid coming, the better! Then when you finally take it over the edge the orgasm is super-intense and lasts longer because you just have to keep on spurting and spurting until you have shot every last drop. The first few shots are the strongest and often go several feet.

This technique is brill. I'm 14 and have been masturbating once a day for the last 3 years. Before I found Jackinworld, it would take me 5-10 minutes to cum and the sperm would just dribble out and collect in my belly button. For the last 3 months, I've been doing kegels and messing around with stop go, with fantastic results. On Saturday mornings, I have the house to myself and I'm now taking 1 1/2 to 2 hours to wank off. The orgams are truly awesome, lasting 3-4 times as long and the slow dribble has been replaced by a flood of sperm. I regularly produce 6-8 spurts (the record so far is 13 !)and it shoots way over my shoulder. sometimes as far as the wall and the bedside lamp !

This has always been my favorite way to masturbate. It's soooo important for a guy to learn to take his time at it! A nice slow work-up - LOTS of foreplay, always leads to a much stronger orgasm! The physical stimulation is pretty obvious, but also pay attention to the aspect of mental stimulation - both areas are important to the final result! The more time you put into it, the more you'll get out of it!!!

A truly vicious and ultimately rewarding variation on this is to stop&go for days rather than just hours. Have a session until you think you can't hold off any longer, then stop completely, and do it again the next day, and the next, as long as you can hold out. I'm currently on my 7th day of my current stop&go challenge, and my rules are even more merciless, since I make myself masturbate just short of orgasm not only for at least an hour each evening at home, but also every time I have to visit the gents' at work, and every time I get an erection (this can be quite awkward sometimes, but them's the rules). I'm at the point now where my entire groin is constantly tingling, and the merest touch on my penis immediately starts building towards orgasm. I even almost came from the friction from my boxers walking down the road yesterday! Needless to say, I can't wait to discover what the orgasm is like when I finally give in and let myself come (probably using the Tiny One-Fingered Circle method, just to cap off the self-control exercise). For me, this truly makes Stop & Go the prince of self-control methods.

This technique feels soooosoooooo good!!!! It builds up incredibly intense sensations. I have found that the Crook technique works best with the stop and go. With the Crook, you can stop farily easily and the great feeling still persists. If you stop the closer you are to orgasm, the stronger the ultimate orgasm will be. If you stop at least 3 or more times, the amount of semen you ejaculate will be much greater than your typical orgasm. Love this one!!

I am 22 and I use the stop and go method a few years ago. But I think I abuse it by doing it to long. My sex life is ruined because I'm afraid to ejaculate because after ejaculating I have pains in my groin and neck all on left side only. I been to the doctor and they can't my nothing wrong with me. I really belive I damage something by the stop and go method. Could I have damage something? Please help me find out whats wrong with me.

I love Stop & Go method. I am using it for the last two years. I am retired 75 years old. I am having plenty of time on my hand. I would easily spend two hours with Stop & Go. I use plenty of lubricant like mixture of Vaseline and Olive Oil or any vegetable oil. Even after two hours Stop & Go. You do not have to ejaculate. You can stop this session. Save ejaculation for some other day. When ever you will let it go. You will enjoy it and feel relaxed. The quantity of ejaculate and distance how far it shoot is not important. It the pleasure which count.

I tried this the other day for the first time.felt amazing! I'll be doing this again, for sure. Claude 54

I tried this technique,I was pretty close to ejaculating,but I couldn't take it anymore and gave in.Don't get me wrong,It does work I just couldn't take it anymore,but besides that this technique is awesome.

I Have Used this tenique before i read it here on this site and it is awesome it makes your masturbation session of pleasure alot longer. And for first timers trying this right before you ejaculate STOP and then after the orgasm feeling goes away star right away again then repeat and once you are ready to ejaculate dont stop when you get the orgasm feeling -14,Texas

I'm 63 and have had treatment for prostate cancer (radioactive seeds, not a prostatectomy). While sex feel as good as ever, this technique is very difficult for me. About the third time, even if I stop, my body continues on to orgasm!! An amazing phenomenon.

Another great way to "edge" is to use your wife's or girlfriend's vibrator on your penis. I prefer the kind that has a large bulb on the end, the kind advertised to relieve muscle tension on your back and body. Touch your hard penis just behind the rim on the head on top, or just at that little "V" place underneath. Just the slightest touch after you've edged once or twice will keep you on edge for minutes or hours.

i'm 16 and this was by far the best orgasm i've ever had. Me and my male buddies regualy get together and masturbate to learn from each other. This time we decided to do the STOP AND GO for half an hour which was fantastic, i actually shouted for the first time. We then at the end saw who could ejaculat the best and i won with an incredible distance of 4 METRES!!! Thanks Jackin world me and my buddies are currently testing the rosie parm which is great.

This is what I typically do, that is jack myself and then let off... the back to it again... then lay off, then back to it, etc. This is the way to go for guys. When you finally bring yourself to a climax, its a great experience and I produce a big load of semen, which I can shoot out 2 or 3 feet... no joke.

I've been doing this technique for about a year and a half (since I discovered it myself). It is by far the best technique I have used. I have done it so often that I can do it from as little as five minutes to as long as an hour before ejaculating. The actual ejaculation/orgasm is amazing - I've sometimes squirted as much as three BIG spoonfuls. The only downside is that if prolonged for too long, the orgasm can be lessened in pleasure. However, you can't get an better than this when you've got plenty of time and are craving an orgasm.

A couple of my buddies and I get together one or two times a week and we help each other out. I tried the Stop & Go yesterday and I think that my buddies would like this technique. And I also think it will also help them in there sex lives. GOOD JOB! The STOP & GO Club

i do the stop and go for hours. i can edge it for hours then when i fully let my load go... it flys in huge steams. any guy should know its better to stop and go so you can enjoy your stroke for a lot longer!! i dont do this everyday if i have the time i do, i do little stop and go when i wake up and masturbate my morning hard on

this technique is so good its works so well,it really stiulates me and afterwards you get the satisfaction of hot slimy semen all over you mmmmmm

When I masturbate and I'm getting ready to to ejaculate, I stop for about 10 seconds ( that's about how long I ejaculate for ) Then I start jacking again sort of a little slower as so not to try and ejaculate so quick, then stop, but then I have to wait 15-20 seconds, I do this as many times as I can, because the more times I can hold off from ejaculateing when I do ejaculate it feels so much more orgasmic. The most I've been able to do this is 7 times over a hour period. So if your going to masturbate why not make it feel as good as you possibly can! (age 26)

Praise to whoever created this technique! You are a masturbation god amongst mere mortals!! I used this technique for the first time today, not only did it extend my session by almost a minute and a half i ejaculated MUCH more semen. Thank you very much!!

Yeah thats work very well!!! my Girlfriend will stop wanking on my big one ( 18.5cm long and a circumference of 14.8 cm ) about 20 times befor ejaculating,its so amazing...boooahhh and than, if i really can,t stop it, it will splash every wear..sometimes up to 2 meters i would say i can fill two spoons of semen! not the tiny ones!!! It's great. I've been doing it for years...well, not every time because it can be time consuming. But just today I had all afternoon to myself, and I took an hour and forty minutes, all the while reading Solo Touch and looking at pictures of beautiful women--naked, of course. When I finally let myself go I had a simply mind-blowing orgasm. So overpowering that I let out a shriek. Like the guy says, taking yourself up and back even just a few times can result in a wonderful orgasm. And my penis is so used to it that even today it was not sore afterward. And I don't usually even use lubricant on it. The technique is called edging. Try it and with a little practice you'll find what a glorious experience it is and want to do it every time. Enjoy! Oh, and I'm not circumcised either.

I basically use this technique everytime that I masturbate. This technique was the best that I had found on JW. The orgasm was great, and I ejaculated very powerfully with alot of semen. Its better to just go for as long as you can, instead of just 4 times. Everytime you do, it just gets better and better. And if you really want to have a huge orgasm, then you should mix it up. Use this technique for as long as you can go, then when you want to get it over with, go very very slowly. Make it, so that your barely even masturbating. That alone, is good enough to have a good orgasm. Now that your doing the Stop and Go and going slowly, it feels absolutely great! I recommend it.