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I tried this last night; it was amazing!!!!! I can't wait to do it again. I'm gonna do this every night. Except I used this instead of valasine (because i dont have any):

olive oil
mint lotion *tingles :)*

then mix it all together in the bag and It looks like egg yolk.

WOW! That was amazing! That was definitely the best ejaculation I've ever had. I knelt down in front of a couch and did it. Using a rubber band to keep the bag on would have helped. Felt amazing and was extremely easy to clean up haha. Thanks


the most amazing stimulating technique ever invented it was like sex

O MY!!!!! I'm 15 years old and a frequent masturbator ( I LOVE JERKIN MY JUNK) I like visiting jackinworld to learn about new ideas to jack off...(I dont like using the same old boring lubed up penis and hand technique. I switch it up quite a bit to have more fun and to have different and exciting experiences everytime I go to please myself) anways once I've been using this baggie and mattress method for about a month first, i just wasnt feeling it like all you guys said you were. I was wondering what I was doing wrong...I was using a baggie, all types of lubes, and my mattress and box spring. It finally switched this up a bit to see if i could get pleasure and orgasm all crazily. Instead of a zip lock baggie, I used a regular doctors latex glove (Fortunately, I have a box full of them. I have a feeling I'm going to need them A LOT in my spare time :D ) I one of my older THINK socks. (thicker the better cuz it adds more cushion/comfort to your meat) aan already finished toilet paper roll, any type of tape (i prefer duct tape cuz then I'm positive it holds and wont come apart) my favorite lube, some pillows, and the same mattress and box spring. First I took the the sock and reversed it so the outside is inside where you'll be inserting your penis (the outside is nice and smooth and just feels way better than the rough inside rubbing on you) then,i took the latex glove, and I shoved it into the opening of the sock and made sure it was staright in there and not folded or anything. After that step, I put the sock with the glove inside it into the toilet paper roll. i shoved it all the way out the other side but i left the edges of the sock and glove inside it at the edge of the roll. I folded the sock over the edge of the toilet paper roll folloed by the same step with the glove. Leave like an inch of the glove and sock folded onto the roll and tape it all around to secure it. Since the sock the is folded over the edge of the toilet paper rool and the glovee too, it wont hurt when you insert your penis all the way in. If your bed is low, add a pillow between the box spring and the mattress and place your pleasure tube over the piller and leave the mattress resting on it. This teqnique was meant for kneeling masturbation, so put a pillow on the floor beside the bed where youll be kneeling to comfort your knees. To make it even more exhillerating if you have a full body mirror put it infront or beside the bed where you'll be doing your buisness (I prefer beside me so i can see the actual inserting and everything. it's a turn on watching myself do it cuz i pretend im making love to the most beautiful girl on earth) After that...YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS CAREFULLY AND PERCISELY OK???
1. unzip or pull down
2. insert your throbbing wonker

This method honestly honestly HONESTLY has given me one of THE BEST orgasms of my entire life. I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A GREAT WANK. It's great and easy. Actually just thinking about it...I think i have some buisness to take care of now.


i found that if you use skin so soft moisturizer you get an even better orgasm, softer foreskin and it all gets moisturized !!! 3-in-1!!!!!!

Wow this technique really simulates a vagina feeling
It's just unbelievable
I just ran out of Vaseline so yeah.

14 US

ive been doing this,every Saturday and sunday for about a month now... its the best....ive never came so much... i actually filled up the baggie, try it while using the stop and go while doing this its awesome !!!!
17 indpls

Mmmm I tasted my cum after this session tasted like skittles

WOW!!! is all i can say! i've been masturbating since i was 12 and i'm fifteen now and that was the best one ever! definite repeat!

my choice for the good ol need to "bust a solid nut".. def a must try. i had to set my mattress on my chair to make it so i could stand up.. niceee.. odd how well it works.

yuuupp.. enjoy

classic technique, feels great!!

WOW! this was just amazing, a total new experience for me! try it when ur home alone so that you can be totally naked and try how it feels best for you!

WOW!!! That was seriously the best ejaculation I have ever had!!! I used a different version though, I used a type of lotion insted of Vaseline and it felt great. I would suggest cutting the zipping part of the baggie off before putting your penis into it. Absoulutly Fantansic!

This is the best masturbating technique ever!

it dint work for me n i dont get why...

this works so amazing i came so much and it was right into the bag... the orgasm was crazy

i tried it today, but my bed was to high so i got 2 pillows put my penis in-between them and humped it, it was the best ive ever felt, works great, but make sure ur bed is the right height before hand, i made that mistake and i had a little mess to clean up

To the lad who feels like a loser, I'm very sorry you feel that way. I'm actually a lady in her 20's on this website because my boyfriend has trouble masturbating and we're away from each other right now and feel bad for his lack of sexual release. I WISH for his sake that he could masturbate more and effectively. And I have more respect for someone who can take matters into his own hands, so to speak, than someone who thinks he needs to have intercourse outside of a meaningful relationship. So there's my two cents.

That doesn't feel nice at all. :( :( :(

16 UK

when i just tried it. it was real uncomfortable cuz the matress was low and i tried with to pillows and not tight enough. when i tighten with my hand really uncomfortable. i am a dry masterbater by the way. no lube whatsoever becuz i do not have access to it. i used baby lotion also so idk.. someone tell me what i did wrong plz... btw i am a virgin

best orgasm i have ever had.. i used every thing you said but instead of a baggie, A plastic bread holder. perfect size. I came in literally 40 seconds, amazing orgasm..

I always use the bagggie between the matress method i usally just pretend im having sex and i sperm in about 4 to 5 minutes it FEELS GREAT

my dick seriously barfed so much when i did this. matt marino, penn state grad student.

how much lube do u place in the bag and how big of a ratio of the bag do you use for the size of your penis?

Let me help you make it even better. Instead of using a sandwich bag replace it with a disposible baby bottle liner. Before placing the liner on your penis place lots of Vasoline on for lubrication. Next, take a pair of your wife's pantyhose and wrap it around the liner while your penis is in it. You can make the nylon wrap as tight as you want. Then go to it. Best orgasm ever!!!!

uoi should also watch porn and use vaseline the best technique ever but always watch porn

this was great but if u want more of the feeling us lotion and instead of bed use a sofa. but what i did to intinsifi the orgasim is u put a heating pad underneath the cushion on the couch u then start doing your thing wit ur penis placed on the heating pad and it gives u the sensation of the warmeness from the vagina

wow untill now i didnt think anyone other than myself has tried this before.... makes me feel a little less weird knowing this is a common technique lol.

felt great but would have been better if my bed wasn't so damn heavy

Holy Crap! I've been beatin' it the same way for years now. I finally decided I was bored enough to try this...and it's changed my life. Haha! By far, the greatest technique I've ever attempted.

My fellow humans, I can not believe how despicable you all are. Don't you realize that every time you perform this heinous act, God is watching you? Do you truly believe you will not pay for every one of your dirty pleasure sessions when judgment day comes? Jesus himself will smite every one of your phallus's for each time that you have decided to lend satan your soul for an evanescent moment of pleasure... I'm proud to say that I have not once indulged in the hideous act of masturbation nor ever will I. Nope, pussy is the only thing for me.

do not bother with this, it's a complete waste of time (and vaseline since you have to use so much of it) and it's also a bitch to clean off at the end. Didn't work at all.

I just want to say thank you to whomever posted this!!

I'm still a virgin, so I'm not sure what the reality is, but that was ****ing amazing... I've been wanting to try this all night, and I finally did... and I'm so glad!!

I was just in for a quick-fix, I wasn't looking to try to last that long, but the intense feeling just kept me going!!

That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had... after I *thought* I was done, I had two surprise squirts that just kept me moaning in ecstasy... I did it about ten minutes ago and I'm still shaking and in utter shock!!

John - 16

First heard about this about 2 years ago from this site. Most of my masturbation is done in the shower because of the lack of alone time I usually have, but when I DO have some alone time, this is a GREAT alternative. I remember the first time I did this, I literally came in about 30 seconds, it was EXTREMELY intense. After a while though I built up the stamina to last a long time with this technique, it almost gets restless, but still, great orgasm

Oh this is so fuckin' awesome I Came all over myself. It must have been a cup's worth

this is grear! very intense orgasm just try to use a strong bag as the thinner ones tear easily

This was the best technique ever. I loved it

go to walmart and get a one of those arm floats the kids use when they swin. blow it up, lube your cock, put it between the matress or just lay on it, and pump till you nut. i told my nephew about it and had to buy him a cpl because he worn them out..

I have been masturbating for over 3 years and the was the greatest technique i have ever used.. but i didnt use vaseline i used lotion and it work just as good... IT FELT GREAT!!

It didn't work for me

I tried this method and it a very intense orgasm, i was sweatin like crazy. i had to use two baggies one inside the other to keep it from ripping, also i would recommend a medium to large size baggy. Good times. 17 OH

omg, iv had tons of sex, and if u close ur eyes its almost the exact more hand, its all plasic baggy now :P

Amazing - after many years of jerking, the best ever!!

This technique is great! Be warned, it can be a bit messy. Oh, and if you bed or whatever is a bit too high for you to go straight on, or at all....kneel on a pillow, or pile up a few towels or dirty clothes. Make sure they are as flat as possible and stack neatly so you are as level as possible. If your bed or whatever is too low, try using a pillow ontop of your bed and hold the pillow down with your hands(you wont need them!), and stack towels or whatever if you need to.

i am still a virgin so i don't know how sex feels like but if that is even just 1/8 like real sex, sex must be awesome!!! - C. 15, California

This is absolutely amazing!!!!!!

WOW!!!! i am 18 and i have just stumbled upon this site today and as soon as i read about this i had to do it.. it is truly the best thing iv ever done!!! i give it a big two thumbs up!

OMG!!!! !_! i have never exploded quite like that before but well i did and i just wanted u to know my appretiation... this tech. left me empty as possible, since i hadn't ejaculated in a while i was sore from lack there of that this left me weak in the well my body

i dont see how you guys have been doing this! my mattress is really low t the ground and i cant bend downt that far